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Guinea Pig Names Starting With the Letter A

Below is a list of guinea pig names starting with the letter A ABBA Abu Abby Amber Amos Angel Angus Annie Apple & Cider

Guinea Pig Lips Competition | MegaLippehThon 2015

This years piggeh lippy competition received hundreds of likes on Facebook and showcased the best, cutest, mega, kissable guinea pig lips on the planet.

Peter Gurney (1938-2006): Educator of Guinea Pig Lovers

Peter Gurney came to appreciate guinea pigs rather late in lifeā€”he was 48 years old when he owned his first cavy. Peter Gurney Official

Happy Australia Day from Guinea Pig Care

Happy Australia Day from everyone at Guinea Pig Care! (Including Fluffball, Biscuit, Vegemite the Rex Rabbit and Adrian & Eileen) Here are a few

It’s the Mega Piggeh Lippehthon!

Well 2013 has been an interesting year for all of us “Cavy Slaves” and piggies around the globe. So, to celebrate 2013 – It’s

Guinea Pig Costumes | Chain Armour

Good News, the controversial Guinea Pig suit of Armour has reached a total of $24,300 bidding donation for the Virginia Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue.

Guinea Pig Hiding in the Grass

Buddy the guinea pig is thick in zee grass and you cannot see him… Camo. ;) GuineaPigCare.com.au

Guinea Pig Exercise

Hey All, Buddy the guinea pig updating his blog again here. It was a warm summer and if you check out my last blog

This is One Hot Piggy!

Well it’s been quite hot here in sunny Western Australia. Luckily my owners love me heaps and bring myself, Fluffy and my new friend

Welcome to Buddy’s Blog

Howdy my non furry friend, My names Buddy and welcome to my blog. From time to time I will post my thoughts here on