It’s the Mega Piggeh Lippehthon!

Well 2013 has been an interesting year for all of us “Cavy Slaves” and piggies around the globe.

Guinea Pig Lips

So, to celebrate 2013 – It’s time for a the Megapiggehlippehthon 2013 Final.

That’s right, get your guinea pig lips posted on our facebook wall.


Jump on the Facebook page and share a pigture of your piggeh lippehs.

Entries close on Midnight, Wednesday the 4th of December 2013! This is the last Lippehthon for 2013 😀

Lots of Guinea Pig Lips Pics

Here are some entries for the mega piggehlippehthon so far

Zoe's lips by elke

Zoe’s Lippehs – Pic by Elke on Facebook

Simon the Guinea Pig

Simon’s Guinea Pig Lips – Photo taken by Stephanie

Simons Lips Magnified

Simon’s Guinea Pig Lips Magnified! – Photo taken by Stephanie

Guinea Pig Care


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