Guinea Pig Exercise

Hey All,

Buddy the guinea pig updating his blog again here. It was a warm summer and if you check out my last blog post you’ll see how my owners kept me cool here.

Now that winter is coming, having a little bit of extra guinea pig belly fat to keep me warm would be good for me don’t you think?

Well a little bit of a belly is ok but apparently I’ve eaten too much recently and need some exercise to get into shape again. My owners fed me a little too much carrot and the sweeter treats such as apple and kiwifruit so now I have to burn my little furry belly off!

How does a guinea pig get a six pack?

Well we don’t – however we do need regular exercise and having a large space to run around makes us extremely happy. And a happy guinea pig is a healthy long living guinea pig.

If you have a patch of grass in your back yard, build a run around pen with some chicken wire and star pickets. Here is what my owner built for Barry, Fluffy, Myself and my two rabbit friends Vegemite and Peanut.

Now that I’m getting my 30 minutes exercise every day along with my owners giving me a balanced diet, my belly is firm and I can rumble strut my way in front of any other piggy without feeling embarrassed!

Remember to keep a watch out for cats, foxes, dogs and even flying creatures such as eagles as they will scare or hurt us if they come close. It’s a good idea to hang out with your guinea pigs as they run around and never leave us unattended until we are back in out sealed predator proof cage.

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Till my next blog post, stay happy and furry

Buddy the Guinea Pig

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