When it comes to a guinea pig cages, owners from all over have come up with some creative ideas.

Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat

The Midwest Interactive Guinea Pig Habitat above is one of several good choices.

Some are super simple while others are wildly extravagant, but all are centered around the idea of giving your furry critter a safe place to call home.

You have two choices when it comes to your guinea pigs cage, purchase one or create your own.

Purchase Option

There are many places to find a guinea pigs cage, retail outlets pet section, pet stores and online. The best choice for you, will depend on how much you are willing to spend and how urgent your need.

One of the most interesting options you can find are pre-fab kits.

C & C Guinea Pig Cage

There are several sites online that sell these coroplast and cube kits and they offer many sizes to choose from.

This is a self assemble guinea pigs cage that has an open top and the option of adding a second level.

Coroplast is a heavy material used to line the bottom and sides of the cage to keep the mess from spreading around your house! When assembled these cages offer your guinea pig plenty of room to run and play.

Remember if you have other animals in the home you will want to purchase separate grids to create a top for these cages.

A traditional guinea pigs cage is still a viable option, however you should never try to make a hamster or gerbil cage work for these animals. Breeders and veterinarians suggest at least 8 square feet of cage space for a healthy happy animal.

Do It Yourself

You also have the option of building your guinea pigs cage yourself. People have found all kinds of ways to create interesting habitats with common lumberyard materials. You can actually find plans to build wooden hutch type cages online. Keep in mind the fact that your guinea pig may chew on materials so use safe wood and bedding material.

For 2 to 4 guinea pigs, try and create a run around floor space of around the size of a normal house door.

Kiddie Pool

One very interesting idea is to use a kiddie pool as your guinea pigs cage.

Many pet stores do this to display their animals and they are much cheaper than buying a standard cage. The biggest problem with a pool as a cage is no top.

This means there is a small chance your little friend could escape and even worse, other animals can get in! If you have cats and or dogs this is probably not adequate shelter for your pig.


As you can see there is more than one way to create your guinea pigs cage. You can buy a cage, kit or supplies and put together great shelters.

The main concern should always be the safety and health of your guinea pig, so if you choose to build your own keep that in mind.

Some people use different types of wire or grates to create their pens, and that is acceptable as long as the gaps are too small for your pig to get caught in, the opening should be no larger than 1.5cms.

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