Below is a list of our favourite guinea pig websites and resources out there on the internet.

Guinea pig friends

Must Like Guinea Pig Facebook Pages

Below are our favourite Facebook Pages…

Guinea Pig Care

When Guinea Pigs Fly

Skinny Pigs Pet Palace

Guinea Pig Discussion Forums

Below are our favourite Guinea PigĀ  & Small Animal Discussion Forums…

Guinea Lynx Forums

Guinea Pig Online Medical Information

A vet who specialises in “exotic animals” such as guinea pigs, rats, birds and reptiles is the best type of vet for your guinea pig.

If you cannot access an exotics vet, the next best thing is a normal family vet.

You may want to research a little information online before taking your piggy to the vet.

Here are a couple of websites which have helped myself in the past – especially after hours whilst most vets are closed.

Guinea Lynx

Guinea Pig Bedding

Below are our favourite suppliers of fleece liners, pigloos, fleece beds, hay bags and anything else that makes a guinea pigs life more comfortable.

Deano Designs in Perth

Peewees Piggy Palace

Guinea Pig Care