Guinea Pig Lips Competition | MegaLippehThon 2015

This years piggeh lippy competition received hundreds of likes on Facebook and showcased the best, cutest, mega, kissable guinea pig lips on the planet.

The grand finale involved two of the most adorable guinea pig lips you’ll ever see… well until next years Megalippehthon.

Coming in second place with 124 Likes on our Facebook Page was “MAC” the skinny pig…

Up close picture of Mac's guinea pig lipsMac’s Lips

You can follow the adventures of MAC over on the Facebook Page FB page.

The first place winner with 132 Likes on our Facebook Page, was “Mischief”

Up close pictures of Mischief the guinea pig's lips

MC and Mischief were the winners for the MEGALIPPEHTHON 2015 – Which ended on the 25th of June 2015.

Even better news is the PRIZE for both the 1st and 2nd Mega Lippehs that I will split evenly to be fair cause it was so close!

That prize was $20 (Australian) which was donated to Kerry (Mac’s cavy slave) and Samantha (Mischief’s cavy slave) favourite Guinea Pig rescue.

Kerry chose Piggles Rescue and Samantha chose April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue

Thank you to everyone who entered the Megalippehthon and we hope to do another in 2016!

Also a notable mention goes to the lippeh video makers – It was hard to add those votes to the contest but thanks for making them (They got too many likes anyway lol)

Fluffball received many likes but unfortunately could not enter this year’s Megalippehthon as he most likely would have won. Which would have been unfair.

Fluffball Lippehs

Fluffball’s Mega Lips

There were over 100 guinea pig lip submissions from all over the globe.

Here are a few of the other entries and thank you to everyone who made an effort to enter the MegaLippehthon!

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