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Guinea Pig Names Starting With the Letter A

Below is a list of guinea pig names starting with the letter A ABBA Abu Abby Amber Amos Angel Angus Annie Apple & Cider

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Banana?

Can guinea pigs eat banana? The simple answer is yes. Banana is rich in Potassium and is great as a treat every few days

Have you weighed your guinea pigs today?

Have you weighed your piggehs today? Fluffballz was happy with his weekly weigh in today! 😉 A WHEEEKLY weigh in is important to pickup

Guinea Pig Allergies: His Or Yours?

When it comes to guinea pig allergies, the allergy in most cases will be affecting the human owner and not the guinea pig. Guineas

Peter Gurney (1938-2006): Educator of Guinea Pig Lovers

Peter Gurney came to appreciate guinea pigs rather late in life—he was 48 years old when he owned his first cavy. Peter Gurney Official

All About Guinea Pig Eyes

Your guinea pig’s eyes serve as his way to look out upon the world, but they also have an equally important function: When looking

The Bare Truth: Is It OK to Shave My Guinea Pig?

Q: Is it OK to shave my guinea pig? A: You’ve got a wonderful little pet-at least two-or a few of them—and now you’re

Guinea Pig Bladder Stones Prevention and Treatment

If your guinea pig cannot pass any urine, then he may be faced with the painful diagnosis of a bladder stone. 2 x bladder

Do Guinea Pigs Bite?

If you just acquired your first guinea pig—or if you haven’t had very many—you may be wondering whether guinea pigs bite. Nobody wants to

Making the Best Guinea Pig Beds

Of course you want your guinea pigs to be comfortable! It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and it doesn’t require too much