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Have you weighed your guinea pigs today?

Have you weighed your piggehs today? Fluffballz was happy with his weekly weigh in today! ;) A WHEEEKLY weigh in is important to pickup

The Bare Truth: Is It OK to Shave My Guinea Pig?

Q: Is it OK to shave my guinea pig? A: You’ve got a wonderful little pet-at least two-or a few of them—and now you’re

Making the Best Guinea Pig Beds

Of course you want your guinea pigs to be comfortable! It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and it doesn’t require too much

Guinea Pig Forums

Guinea pig forums are a great place to learn from other guinea pig owner experiences. This includes medical information (However an exotics vet is

Tips for Introducing a New Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig, Meet Guinea Pig – Are you thinking of adding a new guinea pig to keep your original pet company? You may be

5 Things You Should NEVER Do For Your Pet Guinea Pig

Your natural instinct is to make a wonderful home for your pet guinea pig so that he will have a long and happy life.

5 Foods Your Guinea Pig Loves

You’ve brought your new pet home, and you want to provide him with the best possible mealtimes. What foods are not only good for

Where to Get Guinea Pig Medical Help

Most of us have had a pet at some time during our lives. Part of being responsible for another living creature means that you

Dealing With the Loss of Your Guinea Pig

As youngsters, we all learn about the cycle of life. Movies like The Lion King and Old Yeller teach us about the sad expectation

Guinea Pig Costumes | Chain Armour

Good News, the controversial Guinea Pig suit of Armour has reached a total of $24,300 bidding donation for the Virginia Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue.