This is One Hot Piggy!

Well it’s been quite hot here in sunny Western Australia. Luckily my owners love me heaps and bring myself, Fluffy and my new friend Barry into the air-conditioning when it gets too hot.

What is too hot for a Guinea Pig? – Anything above 34 degrees Celsius in the shade is getting too hot for us. I have to wear this fur coat all year round and I can tell you that I’ve tried my hardest to take it off!

I guess when winter comes around again in a few months, my fur coat will do a great job at keeping me warm.

Another tell tale sign that a piggy is too hot is when we get wet noses – this is one of our natural cooling methods.

Hot Guinea Pig

We also love Frozen Water Bottles that we can lay on to keep us even cooler.

So if you own one of my relatives, remember to keep us comfortable when it gets too hot or too cold.

Till my next post, adios amigos.

Buddy the Guinea Pig.

Guinea Pig Care

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