Guinea Pig Costumes | Chain Armour

Good News, the controversial Guinea Pig suit of Armour has reached a total of $24,300 bidding donation for the Virginia Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue.



Guinea Pig Armor Front

Does Guinea Pig Care support wearable “Costumes for Guinea Pigs” ?

NO, Not at all – Guinea pigs shouldn’t wear anything. They’re meant to be naked 24/7 (With a bit o fur of course ) ;)

However, if it’s for a photo only and it doesn’t endanger the guinea pig during the photo shoot. It’s OK with me.

As long as the children and under developed adults are educated that a guinea pig wearing a costume in a photo – was for that reason only.

Also if someone has the time to make a costume for their guinea pig, that piggy is probably getting a whole heap of care love :D

Guinea pig armour

Here’s the Rescue’s Facebook Page…

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