There are many types of guinea pig toys that will keep your new pets entertained.

First, of course, you’ve got to allow him a day or two to become accustomed to his new home.

Only then will he be interested in the action available in his swinging new pad!

Here’s the thing:  If you’re a parent, you might remember when you bought your child an expensive new present, and all he really wanted to play with was the paper.

Well, your guinea pig will behave in pretty much the same way!

There are some guinea pig toys you can go out and buy, but the best ways to keep him entertained are pretty simple.

You’ll find a list of some cool things for your pet guinea pig below…

Tips to Keep Your Piggy Entertained

  • Make certain his cage has an interesting layout. First, of course, it’s got to be large enough. And then you can make it into a palatial two-story casbah: If you obtain a ramp that leads from one level to the next-or how about the branch from a fruit tree-your guinea pig will have fun just running up and down. He’s endlessly interested in the logistics of his layout! (If you use the tree branch, be certain it has not been sprayed with harmful chemicals.)
  • A place to hide. Not only does he like an endless variety in his surroundings, but a hidey hole gives him an area where he can feel securely hidden when he needs to be. Obtain a wooden house with a entrance hole. You can also pin pieces of material to adjacent sides of the cage so that he has a little tent to visit.
  • One of the best guinea pig toys you can possibly provide is a tunnel! The more options it has-twists, bends, random openings-the more exciting it is! You can even try joining some PVC piping to make T-shaped tunnels, but a wooden tunnel is great because he can chew on it.
  • Recycle household cardboard items such as the tubes from paper towels, toilet tissue, and even empty boxes when the facial tissue is all gone. The tissue box is another item that he can crawl into and hide! Even a paper bag left open in his cage is lots of fun for him.
  • You can try some traditional pet toys sold for birds or cats, but remember that if they’re going to be successful guinea pig toys they have to be safe. Avoid items with bells inside them, or anything that looks like it will come apart easily. One of the best options is a dangling-type toy, one made of several connected blocks or balls with a bell at the end.
  • Bricks are an important addition to the cage. Your guinea pig will have fun if you build a brick stairway for him-being careful that it’s very secure!-and it will help trim his toenails at the same time. Place it near his water dish so that he has to travel over it regularly.
  • Tennis and ping pong balls make great guinea pig toys. Just remember that your pet will not play for a long time with any one particular toy. As interesting as it seems to you, he is soon ready to move on to something else.
  • Stuff a sock with bedding for your guinea pig to cuddle with or chew on. You can also buy some pet toys that are made like puppets-something made to look like a cute stuffed animal, but empty inside like a puppet. You can fill that empty space with bedding or hay. Avoid stuffed toys because if he chews into it the stuffing is not good for him.

Your pet will love just about any of these guinea pig toys, especially if you’re playing with him.  Find time every day to spend with him.  Keep your voice soft and gentle; he doesn’t like stridency.

When guinea pigs are having fun or feeling comfortable, they “popcorn“- jump straight up in the air, just like-well, popcorn.  When you hear him squealing and see him leaping about, you’ll know your pet is happy.