Guinea Pigs Looking for a Home

Guinea Pig Adoption / Guinea Pigs for Sale – Rules – Please Read Before Commenting

This post is not intended for guinea pig Breeders or Pet Shops. It is a post for abandoned guinea pigs who need a new home.

Guinea Pig Eating Carrot

How to post your Ad for a guinea pig that needs a new home…

Step 1

Create an Ad on Gumtree

Step 2

Create a new comment below on this post and link to your Ad on Gumtree

Step 3

Do NOT include any email address or phone number’s on your comments and write a description of your guinea pigs age, health condition and location. Please reply to your comment to let us know if your guinea pig has found a new home.

All comments will be moderated and if the rules are not followed ad may not get approved.

If you are looking for a guinea pig, make sure to check the Adopt a Pet website run by the RSPCA first or check with a Adoption Centre close to your location.

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