How to Clean Guinea Pig Sweat Glands

Guinea pigs are excellent pets to own, and can help small children become responsible for their very first animal. However, you need to ensure that you understand how to care for your new pet, and one of cleaning care chores is knowing how to clean their sweat glands.

Guinea Pig Sweat Glands

Handling your guinea pig, and washing it on a regular basis (Around every 3 months), will ensure that they are kept healthy and clean. The sweat glands are located just above where the tail would have been, and are vital to help keep your guinea pig cool.

Cleaning the sweat gland can be a challenge, and you will need to be confident and capable of handling your pet. Some guinea pigs have active sweat glands, which can become dirty very quickly; therefore, you need to ensure you know how to clean them correctly. Spot cleaning has been found to be the best method of cleaning, and you can use a variety of different substances.

Dishwashing detergent in small amounts is incredibly successful, but must be rinsed off thoroughly to avoid skin issues. Malaseb is another effective cleaner, which you can apply, shampoo into the area, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse. Non abrasive hand cleaners are also effective, and can help to clean this area on your guinea pig.

Some guinea pigs owners have found that extra virgin olive oil, pressed coconut oil and grapeseed oil are effective and natural, which means they will not harm the guinea pig especially being non-detergent. You can easily apply these to the area; allow for absorption, and then rinse clean. Whatever method you apply, you need to ensure that you rinse the guinea pig in luke warm water and remove all traces of the substance.

Guinea pigs are naturally curious and will lick their fur; therefore, you need to ensure that they cannot ingest anything that is toxic, and may harm them when cleaning. Guinea pigs do suffer in the heat, especially breeds with long hair; therefore, you need to ensure that they are kept cool. Routine cleaning and grooming will enable you to see how well your pet is coping with the heat.

You may want to use natural products to guarantee that the guinea pigs skin is not affected and that you feel confident that the sweat glands are cleaned effectively.

If your children are older, you may want to teach them how to clean the sweat glands, and ensure that they understand how crucial this is to their pet’s health. As your child and guinea pig bond, you will discover that they can handle the animal very easily. This will make grooming and cleaning far easier for everyone, and many guinea pigs love their pampering session!

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