How to Give a Guinea Pig a Bath

Knowing how to give a guinea pig a bath is something anyone who owns one of these adorable little creatures needs to know.

Buddy the Guinea Pig Having a Wash!

Being inquisitive little critters, there are times when they can get themselves into messy situations that make it necessary for them to have a bath so that they will look gorgeous and fluffy again.

But if you have never bathed a guinea pig before, how are you supposed to know just how to go about it?

After all, guinea pigs do tend to have a mind of their own and it is not likely that they will willingly submit to a dip and scrub! You also do not want to cause the little animal too much stress in the process…

Have Confidence Whilst Bathing Your Guinea Pig

First of all, knowing how to give a guinea pig a bath means not only how to wash the animal and which products are safe to use on the little one, but also how to handle them so that they are in no danger during their spa treatment!

These are tiny animals and it is understandable that the whole business might seem a little frightening for a guinea pig.  You need to be calm throughout the process so that you do not make your pet more nervous and uncomfortable.  You also need to be confident in what you need to do so that you can bathe him quickly and properly.

Remember that this is a tiny animal and you need to be sure that you are able to handle the whole process confidently and surely so that they are not afraid or unnecessarily stressed out.

If you are a child bathing your guinea pig it is best to do so with the help of an adult.

How to Bath Your Guinea Pig Video

You can find some really informative videos on YouTube that can help you in knowing how to give a guinea pig a bath such as the video above.

In this particular video you will see Cutie the guinea pig having a bath.

This is a great video when it comes to showing you the right way to bath a guinea pig in a way that will help the animal to stay calm.

You only need to watch this video to see that even a guinea pig can actually enjoy having a bath if the person bathing them knows what they are doing.

Fluffball Fresh and Clean

Knowing How to Give a Guinea Pig a Bath Tips:

  • Make sure the water is tepid; not too hot or not to cold.
  • Do not use deep water. If you have a single tap that you can regulate this is preferable to placing the animal in water.
  • Try to bathe the guinea pig close to or on the ground. A good tip is to place a dish that is not deep on a towel and fill this with the water for the bathe. That way the guinea pig will not be alarmed or unsettled about being too high up.
  • Try not to bathe the guinea pig in a bath. It might look cute watching it swim up and down and trying to climb up the sides only to slide back down but remember it is actually trying to find a way out of the tub. Think of your pet’s needs first.
  • Make sure that the little one is thoroughly wet but do not pour the water over the guinea pigs face or into the ears.
  • Use a natural shampoo which is gentle and won’t cause skin irritation. Baby Shampoo is a easy source shampoo, however a shampoo made for guinea pigs is preferred.
  • Make absolutely sure to support your guinea pig throughout the bath time so that they are able to feel secure.
  • When you have finished shampooing your guinea pig be sure to rinse all the shampoo away.
  • Towel dry your guinea pig when you are done. If the weather is cool, use a hairdryer to dry your guinea pig but if the animal appears too distressed rather use the towel. Also make sure the hairdryer is only used at a distance of more than 50cm and on the lowest heat setting.
  • Using a damp cloth gently clean inside the ears as well but be careful not to injure the animal.
  • Always make sure your guinea pig is 100% dry before leaving unattended.

One last thing to keep in mind is if you are allergic to guinea pigs hair, it may irritate your hands – that’s why I have worn gloves in this photo…

Barry Getting a Bath

Knowing how to give your guinea pig a bath is important because they may have to be bathed every couple of months.

If your guinea pig has long hair you might want to trim the hair so it does not get dragged along the floor.

If your guinea pig needs a nail trim (usually every few weeks), it is best to leave this to an adult or even take him or her to your local vet so that it can be done safely.

For more tips on how to care for guinea pigs, check out the Guinea Pig Facebook Page.

Wishing you a “squeaky” clean piggy!

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