New Zealand Parrot Information

New Zealand parrot breeds are fascinating, and there are several different websites dedicated to this incredible bird.

Native to New Zealand, the Kea parrot as it is commonly known is beautiful and has distinctive olive green feathers. The undersides of the wings are a bright orange or dark red, making this parrot easy to distinguish from other varieties.

The Kea parrot is often found in the mountainous regions, meadows, and high altitude places throughout New Zealand. This parrot will typically nest in small burrows amongst the tree roots and under rock formations. The New Zealand parrot will typically build their nests between July and January, where the female will prepare her nest for her chicks.

The female parrot will sit on three to four eggs for the duration of approximately 29 days, and when the chicks are born, the male will help to feed their offspring. The chicks will remain in the nest until they are 13 weeks old and then venture out with their parents. The Kea parrot is incredibly social and prefers to live in large groups.

Once a parrot colony has been established all of the parrots will join in with each other’s parental duties, and finding and distributing food. The younger parrots will learn a huge amount from the other parrots, and many of their skills are shared in the future.  The New Zealand parrot has an average life span of 14 to 20 years and can survive harsh weather conditions.

Many bird experts believe that the New Zealand parrot is considered a mountain parrot, as the bird’s feathers are incredibly thick. This thickness allows the bird to withstand harsh weather such as the cold, rain and snow. Their beaks are also shaped in a long, narrow form, to allow them to dig in between the rocks and find food.

This breed of parrot enjoys digging for food with their long, sharp talons and will have a varied diet in the wild. The parrot will survive on berries, seeds, flowers, worms, insects and enjoy decaying animals. As with all parrots, these birds are highly intelligent and can be incredibly nosey. This can, unfortunately, get the parrot into trouble when there are dangerous situations.

The New Zealand parrot has little fear of humans and has no problem being in the same vicinity as people. They have been known to damage cars, and steal from gardens, and parks throughout the area. Parrots love toys, therefore, if they see something that interests them, they are well known for stealing it, and taking it for the other parrots.

If you are considering having a Kea parrot, you need to be aware that they need a huge amount of interaction. If you leave the parrot on its own for too long, it can become destructive and incredibly unhappy. The cage, which your parrot is housed within, needs to be incredibly large, and they will do far better in pairs than on their own.

You need to ensure that you research a huge amount regarding the diet, lifestyle and needs of the New Zealand parrot. You have to provide every element, which they need to remain happy and healthy, or your new pet will suffer. Toys and mental stimulation are essential, and will guarantee that your parrot remains active.

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