Rabbit Cage Designs

Choosing the Perfect Rabbit Cage Designs for Your Pampered Pet

Rabbit cage designs are typically very similar; however, you can change the size and shape, depending on your needs and budget.  Owning a rabbit can be a huge amount of fun and make an ideal pet for young children, and people with very little outdoor space.


Outdoor Rabbit Run

Photo by Andrew Starwarz on Flickr

In fact, some people keep their rabbits inside their homes, as they are perfect, litter trained house creatures.

When you own a rabbit, there are several different factors, which you need to consider. Providing the perfect rabbit home is essential, and will ensure that your new pet is happy. The rabbit home should be large enough for your pet to move freely, have an area to sleep in and somewhere to eat and drink. The rabbit will want to feel safe and secure in their home, and be able to play with their toys with ease.

Different Designs

There are several different rabbit cage designs to choose, and the process can become daunting if you are new to keeping rabbits. However, if you understand what your new pet needs the process will be far easier.  Your rabbit will need to be elevated off the ground, to ensure that predators cannot reach them easily. The raised position will also ensure that the correct temperature is obtained to keep your rabbit happy.

Rabbits do not like radical changes in temperatures; therefore, you need to provide an area in the cage that remains warm at all times. The cage will also need ventilation to ensure that your pet rabbit remains healthy.  You will need to consider where you are intending to place the rabbit cage, as this will often determine the rabbit cage designs.

The flooring for your cage will need to be considered, as many rabbit owners prefer wire cages so that the cage remains clear of droppings.

However, some people feel that this style is uncomfortable for the rabbit. And rightly so as this hurts your bunnies feet over time.

If you do not want wire on the floor, you may want to consider tiles, or sea grass matting, which is more comfortable and easier to clean, and replace when necessary.

The good news is most rabbits are litter trainable. All you do have a cat litter tray with sand and a bit of hay in it, then pickup their droppings and put them in the tray.

Most rabbits will get the idea of where to use the toilet.

Feeling Comfortable and Safe

The rabbit cage designs need to include a place for your rabbit to hide and sleep, where they will feel comfortable and safe. Rabbits can become upset easily, and providing an area where they can hide is essential. Therefore, you will need to place walls inside your rabbit’s home, to separate different areas and ensure that they have a dark, warm area.

Rabbits love to chew; therefore, you need to consider the material for the rabbit cage designs. Wood is popular, but may prove an issue when your rabbit is bored and looking to chew on something.  Metal is an option, however, may not be incredibly attractive. Typically people use a mix of both to create the ideal rabbit home.

Regardless of what materials you use for the rabbit cage designs, you need to ensure that there is enough space for your rabbit to move about freely. If you have a baby rabbit, you need to remember that it will grow in the future.

Rabbits love company so try and find a mate for friendship.

Once you have found the perfect rabbit cage for your new pet, they will be incredibly happy!


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