How to Draw a Guinea Pig

Along with owning a pet cavy, drawing a guinea pig can be just as fun.

Because guinea pigs generally don’t sit still you will want to take a photo of your subject first, print it out and have it as a reference as you either paint, draw, sketch or create your master piece of artwork.

Drawing or painting your guinea pig can be a great way to remember your special pet and to add your own feel to how you picture the piggy in your mind!

For some tips on creating your drawing, Below is a fantastic video showing you the process of drawing a hamster which is very close in size and shape of a guinea pig.

If you have more than one guinea pig you could try and set them up next to flowers, toys or even put them in a basket with some fluffy polar fleece to take a creative group photo.

And remember to take multiple photos so you can choose the best photo to sketch from.

For even more ideas, below are some simple yet beautiful sketches of guinea pigs (Squeekie and Beatrix drawn by Marlene Marlowe) turned into a collage…

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