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Is Your Guinea Pig Sneezing?

You may be wondering, for starters, if it’s actually possible for your guinea pig to sneeze. The short answer is yes, and the longer

5 Foods Your Guinea Pig Loves

You’ve brought your new pet home, and you want to provide him with the best possible mealtimes. What foods are not only good for

Fluffy the Guinea Pig Attempting to Fly

Here’s a photo of “Fluffy” the guinea pig attempting to take flight. Unfortunately guinea pigs are not that aerodynamically designed and ground level was

Fluffball Chin Scratch

Hay… yeeaaaah that’s it… scratchy right there!

Guinea Pig Biscuit Eats Some Grain

Biscuit the Guinea Pig eats some grain! 🙂

Guinea Pig iPhone 4 and 5 Wallpapers

Guinea Pig Lips iPhone 5 Wallpaper Hold down finger on image in Safari or Chrome and save to your camera roll. Then go to

Guinea Pig Arty Pigture

Some photoshop guinea pig Biscuit art… Was bored 😀 Here’s what I did… Turned up the Saturation Added some brush effects A little more

Dealing With the Loss of Your Guinea Pig

As youngsters, we all learn about the cycle of life. Movies like The Lion King and Old Yeller teach us about the sad expectation

Guinea Pig Negotiation

Fluffball trying really hard to get a little bit of shut eye, but Biscuit has other plans for him. Thus, guinea pig negotiations begin…

Piano Piggy

Biscuit the Guinea Pig attempts to play and wheek “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.