Why you should have a guinea pig as a pet

Guinea pigs are ideal pets for young children, older generations and people who have very little outdoor space. These excellent small pets are incredibly friendly, loving and enjoy human interaction at all times.

You will be amazed how affectionate a guinea pig can be, and what brilliant pets they make.

Different Breeds of Guinea Pigs

You need to ensure that you understand what your guinea pig needs to be happy and how to look after your new pet correctly. Your guinea pig will need somewhere to sleep, eat and play, which can be either inside the home, or outside in the yard. Guinea pigs make ideal pets as they take remarkably little care, and provide huge amounts of love.

If your small child is asking for a pet, a guinea pig is considered to be ideal as they can be handled, fed and played with by very small children (Over the age of 6-7).

You can introduce the responsibility of caring for an animal, without a huge amount of work being necessary. Guinea pigs are lightweight, friendly and love being picked up and handled.

You will enjoy watching your guinea pig playing, and they can be a huge amount of fun as they have extremely unique personalities. This pet is lively, and will need somewhere to run during the day, however, at night they need a warm, safe environment to sleep in and feel safe.

Other Pets and Your Guinea Pig

If you have other animals in the home, introducing your guinea pig needs to be done with care.

You can let your Guinea pig run around on the grass with rabbits; however, they do prefer to be kept (live) with their own kind.

At least 1 x play mate is essential to your guinea pig’s happiness.

Once your pet has relaxed they will display amusing characteristics. Guinea pigs are incredibly intelligent and can be even be trained to do tricks (with persistence).

Once you have introduced your guinea pigs to the family, everyone will love to watch the pets enjoying themselves. You will be surprised how active they are, and how much your children enjoy playing with their new pet. Guinea pigs love to chatter, and you can often hear them chattering away to themselves, which means they are happy. 😀

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