Why Guinea Pig Adoption is a Fantastic Idea

Guinea pig adoption is the perfect way to introduce a small pet into your home, and provide young children with an animal which they can care for (Children above the age of 8 is a good start).

Adopt a Guinea PigThere are several options when looking to adopt an animal, and typically the local animal shelter will be able to help. Guinea pigs are ideal pets for small children, who want the responsibility of animal care. They are incredibly affectionate animals that thrive on human attention and love.

Choosing any animal should be done carefully to ensure that you understand what owning a pet will entail. Unfortunately, this is how so many animals end up in the animal shelters, due to the fact people do not think about the animal adoption carefully.

Many of the animals are in the animal shelter through no fault of their own. All they want is a loving home, and someone to play with, which you and your family will be able to provide.

Traditionally it is dogs and cats that are being adopted; however, guinea pig adoption is becoming more common.

If you have decided that this is the animal that you want for your family, you will need to research what guinea pigs are like as pets. Guinea pigs have a unique personality, and they are incredibly fun to spend time with. They are ideal for all ages as they love being handled, and will bond extremely quickly.

Finding an Animal Shelter

You will need to find an animal shelter that has guinea pigs, and this may not be in your local area. However, there will be a shelter not too far away that can help with your guinea pig adoption. Typically shelters work with each other to ensure that as many animals as possible are adopted, therefore, any shelter will be able to assist you. Once you find a shelter that has guinea pigs, you should visit and have a look at the different ones that are there.

Guinea Pig Eating Some Yummy VeggiesThe animal shelter will be able to advise you on the general care of the guinea pig, and ensure that you understand how to look after your new pet.

There are several things that you will need to consider before you complete the guinea pig adoption.

You will need to have somewhere for the guinea pig to live, sleep and exercise. This can be either a cage or hutch, inside your home, or in the garden and some people let their guinea pigs run around during the day.

For Guinea Pig Adoption in Australia try…

Adopt a Pet – By the RSPCA

For Guinea Pig Adoption in United States try…

The Guinea Pig Rescue Listings Here

For Guinea Pig Adoption in United Kingdom try…

Guinea Pig Rehome

Once you have rescued your homeless piggy, make sure to Like the Guinea Pig Care Facebook Page for tips, discussions and information on keeping a happy and healthy pet guinea pig.

Learning to Care for Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs Love Mowing the GrassLearning about the guinea pigs diet and health issues is extremely important to ensure that your new family member remains as healthy as possible. There is nothing worse than going through the guinea pig adoption process, for them to become ill. All animals within the shelter are checked by the veterinary team before they are rehomed. This ensures that only healthy guinea pigs are offered, and you will have many years of fun with your new pet.

Many shelters will perform home checks on any potential new owners to ensure that the home for the guinea pig is suitable.

The shelters do not want the rehoming process to go wrong, and for the animal to end back at the shelter. Therefore, if every element is considered and checked, there is more likely to be a successful guinea pig adoption. Once you have gone through the checks, and you have chosen your guinea pig you are welcome to take it home.

A Healthy Cavy is a Happy Cavy!Another great way for you to adopt a guinea pig is through family and friends, or even through the local paper. Some people have accidental litters of guinea pigs, which they want to find suitable homes for, and you may be able to do the guinea pig adoption through this way.

However, by selecting a guinea pig in this way, there is unlikely to be any medical checks performed. Therefore, you may find that your new pet could be potentially unwell.

You may not have thought to adopt two guinea pigs, however, if you have the space they do prefer to have company. Although, you will be loved by your new pet, they will also love to play and chatter to another guinea pig.

Once you have been through the guinea pig adoption system, you will see how easy it is, and how much it benefits an animal. Animals do not understand why they end up in shelters and can become quite depressed. Therefore, you are giving the guinea pig a second chance of happiness.

Thanks for considering adopting a pet guinea pig and giving it the happy life it deserves.

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