What Are Good Guinea Pig Treats

You can allow about one-fifth of your guinea pig’s total daily food intake for foods that fall into the category of treats.

Whatever treats he likes best will depend upon your animal.  Guinea pigs are just like people-and most animals-in that within the whole range of acceptable foods, they will prefer some foods over others.  Your guinea pig needs plenty of water, quality pellets and as much hay as he wants, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  However, because you need to avoid too much sugar in your piggy’s diet and seeds that he might choke on, we suggest that you decide on specific fruits and vegetables to be given for his treats.

Small pieces of fresh red bell peppers make wonderful treats.  Guinea pigs also love dandelion greens-make certain they’re not sprayed by pesticides-and corn.  They also love the corn silk!  They are inordinately fond of cilantro leaves and clover, once again making certain that it’s uncontaminated.

Many people think that their pets like sweet treats the way people do, but that’s so far from the truth!  Some guinea pig treats are made from yogurt, which is an animal food product (yogurt, dairy, cow) and not suited for your piggy.  Other treats are combinations of dried fruit mixed with seeds, which provides the above-mentioned choking hazard plus sugar, and if they’re honey coated then the sugar content zooms through the roof.

Maybe you don’t exactly envision being rewarded for your hard day with a handful of corn silk, but your piggy will wallow in it and then love eating it!  Just always be certain, no matter what you’re giving him, that it’s fresh and not wilted.

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