The Best Guinea Pig Cages for Sale

When you evaluate the wide range of guinea pig cages for sale, the most important feature to look for is size.  Many pet stores go by the old standard of two square feet per guinea pig, but today’s experts insist on a space of about 7.5 square feet per pet.

Guinea Pig Castle

Whether this square footage comes in a square or rectangular design depends on the style you choose.  It can even be a circle!  Most guinea pig cages are narrow and long, about two feet by three for each guinea pig, and adding a foot of length for each extra pet, but you aren’t held fast to that standard.

Remember, however, that if you skimp on cage size you are not only limiting your pet’s living space.  You are also forcing him to live in what becomes little more than a litter box.

Guinea pig cages for sale in popular pet stores are often designed for use with just about any small pet.  Any size that’s at least 30 inches by 36 inches will meet the size requirements.  But pay attention to the wiring style.  For maximum safety for baby or growing guinea pigs, you should have wire grids no larger than 1.5 inches square.  Generally the wiring in these commercial cages is not square-grid style, but it is well rounded to prevent injuries to your adult pet.

Many of the commercial guinea pig cages for sale include a ramp with a second floor as well as a built-in bowl that you can use for pellets or water.  The second floor will allow your pet to run up and down, and you can use it as a hay loft.  The finish is nontoxic.  Most of them have removable flooring for easy cleaning.

Look for a model that comes on a rolling stand.  These stands have lockable caster wheels, a great feature so that you can move your pet’s habitat from place to place within your house.

Very popular among all guinea pig cages for sale is the playpen model.  You can buy a circular playpen that allows your pet a spacious amount of room, and accessorize it with a waterproof canvas cover.  The cover can serve as a floor for the playpen when you’re indoors, or if you move the playpen outside-remembering to stay with your pet always-it will serve as a shade from the sun.

Another great idea is to buy the wire playpen style, or create a circular playpen out of cage wire, and use a wading pool as the base.  This provides a waterproof surface that protects your floor, and you can clean it easily.

Newer among guinea pig cages for sale are the cubes with colorful, plastic-type canvas sheeting that stretches along the framing.  It’s true that an entire habitat made of these cubes will limit a guinea pig’s fresh air and view, but you can incorporate one or two of them to create a hiding place for him, or use one upside down so that it’s the roof of a lower level and the floor of an upper level topped by a wire cube.

Most people favor C&C style cages-the cube and Coroplast type.  You buy packages of wire-gridded panels and assemble them into the walls and roof of a cage.  Of all the guinea pig cages for sale, this type really brings out the architect in each of us; you can create L-shapes or second floors.  You are limited only by your imagination!

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