Keeping your guinea pigs cage indoors

Indoor guinea pig cage choices are incredibly varied, and you will find that you can spend a huge amount of time and money choosing the perfect cage. Guinea pigs are ideal pets for small children, and people who do not have a huge amount of outdoor space. This small, friendly pet can be placed easily inside your home in their cage.

Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

There are many different cages to choose; therefore, you need to ensure that you decide your budget before going shopping. You will also need to consider the amount of space, which you have available for the cage. Keeping your guinea pig inside may seem like a fantastic idea; however, you need to consider what room they will be placed in as they can be messy.

The size of the indoor guinea pig cage needs to be adequate for the animal to run around freely, and feel comfortable. The more space you can provide for your pet, the happier they will be as guinea pigs love to run around. The overall height of the cage does not need to be that tall as guinea pigs do not tend to climb over a height of around 20 cms.

Guinea pigs are incredibly inquisitive; therefore, providing them with ramps, toys and multi-level cages is essential. You will want to provide your new pet with many different elements to keep them happy, healthy and entertained. Placing the cage inside your home will guarantee that regardless of the weather, your child will continue to play with their pet.

Another good reason to keep your guinea pig inside is they will feel part of the family… Especially when veggies a chopped, they’ll let you know with squeaks they are ready for dinner!

You can easily purchase the indoor guinea pig cage from a pet store; however, they can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, if you have basic skills, you may want to consider building your own indoor guinea pig cage. This will ensure that any modifications that need to be done can be performed during the building stage.

Guinea pigs eating grass

It’s a good idea to let your guinea pigs graze daily!

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing the perfect cage for your guinea pig, which include the materials used. Exposed wire bottoms can hurt your guinea pigs sensitive feet, and wood will soak up the urine causing the area to smell. You also will struggle to find a shop bought cage, which is large enough for your guinea pigs needs.

Within the cage, you need to ensure that you provide different areas for your guinea pig to sleep, eat, and to hide. Therefore, the indoor guinea pig cage will need to be large, and placed in an area where there are no loud noises or draughts. Guinea pigs get scared easily; therefore, you need to ensure they are placed in the perfect location.

The cage that you have for your guinea pig will need to be well ventilated, and easy to clean out regularly. The ammonia from the urine can make your guinea pig ill; therefore, around every week the entire indoor guinea pig cage needs to be stripped and cleaned. Once you establish a routine with your guinea pig, they will become a loving member of the family and provide thousands of hours of cute enjoyment.

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