Is a Guinea Pig a Good Pet?

So you are wondering if a Guinea Pig is a good pet?

Guinea Pigs Eating Clover

Well the first question you have to ask yourself is – do you have a spare half an hour each day (at least) to…

  • Feed your guinea pig (Fresh Vegetables Twice Daily)
  • Groom your pet piggy (Especially the longer haired varieties)
  • Pat and to hold and Comfort?
  • Clean their pen at least once every day or two?
  • Take them to the vet (An Exotic) in time of need – which could be 2am?
  • Have a place for them to stay when you are holiday
  • Are able to keep them inside your house and part of the family (Especially during cold or hot weather)

The above is a basic chore list of what’s involved to keep a Happy pet Guinea Pig. Now to answer your question if a Guinea Pig is a good pet.. well of course it is.

It will show you love, be your friend, talk to you (especially when fresh vegetables fall from the heavens watwatwat wheeeeeeek) and provide thousands of hours of entertainment.

They are quite clean and are less prone to causing allergic reactions in most people (unlike cats and rabbits) and they can almost be litter trained – with perseverance.

When you choose a Guinea Pig for a pet, be responsible and give it a happy life!

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