How Much do Guinea Pigs Cost?

If you are looking at buying a pet guinea pig then here are some tips to help with your purchase and get an idea of guinea pigs cost.

The usual price for a guinea is anywhere from around $10 up to $40 (Australian Dollars) with some of the more “exotic” hard to find breeds being even more.

Pet stores are generally a good place to pick up a new pet guinea pig, however adopting a guinea pig from your local RSPCA (Adopt a Pet) can be much more rewarding experience.

Adoption Should be Your First Option

You can often get the cavy for free and you’ll be giving it a new home.

Biscuit and Fluffball

Before you buy a guinea pig you will want to ensure you have good housing, proper food and a water dispenser (these usually have a clear bottle and metal neck with a ball fitting so they have fresh water available at all times).

Yearly a single guinea pigs ongoing costs are around $300 to $400 (Australian) per piggy.

This is an average which includes their food (Pellets and Fresh Veggies) along with ongoing vet bills.

What ever the cost, you’re pet guinea pig will provide years of love and happy time for any dedicated owner.

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Wishing you a Happy Pet Cavy!

Guinea Pig Care

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