Guinea Pig Teeth Care and Problems

When it comes to making sure your guinea pig has a healthy smile, there are a few steps you need to follow.

Guinea Pig Teeth Care

Step 1

The first thing is knowing where your guinea pig teeth are.

The rear teeth or molars, are located deep inside the guinea pigs mouth and require special instruments to access them easily.

A small animal vet with experience in dentistry is advisable to access these hard to reach rear molars .

Luckily the front teeth or incisors are easily assessable and can be inspected by all owners.

Front guinea pig teethStep 2

The best way you can care for your guinea pigs teeth is by providing the correct diet, this includes guinea pig pellets (no seed/ grain mixes), fresh vegetables twice daily (see vegetables list here) and a daily supply of new hay.

As guinea pigs eat constantly, the above foods are what keep the guinea pigs teeth healthy.

Step 3

Step 3 involves giving your pet cavies teeth a weekly inspection.

The most effective way of doing this is by getting one person to hold the guinea pig firmly and having another person push the lips back and shine small led torch into their mouth.

These are the things the inspector should be looking for…

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Debris, splinters and or foreign objects stuck in the teeth
  • Over grown teeth
  • And especially weight loss…

Any weight loss over 100 grams in one week is something to be concerned about and teeth problems is one of the most common causes of this weight loss.

Abscesses are often the result of unrecognised teeth problems, so another weekly check you can do for your piggy is to feel for lumps under neck and on side if jaws.

If you think your guinea pig has teeth problems and you feel as if you have done everything that you possible can with the resources you have at home to no avail, we recommend contacting your nearest small animal (exotic) veterinary clinic.

May your guinea pigs teeth stay healthy.

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Guinea Pig Care

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