Guinea Pig Milky Eyes

I walked up to our Guinea Pig Cage today and noticed that “Barry” our black male cavy had white milky goo in the corner of his eyes.

I’ve also noticed this same milky substance whilst he’s been running around the back yard. Being a little concerned and not having a clue what it was I jumped on Google and discovered it’s normal…phew!

This white milky substance is created to lubricate the guinea pig eyes and they also use this same substance to clean their faces. You may even notice little white drops around your guinea pigs face which is the same substance that it has wiped from it’s eyes.

“Barry” with the Occasional Milky Eye

I have only seen this occur in two of our cavies and more in the males – so it may be the males who create this white goo more often – but this is only an observation. Apparently it can occur a few times a day, so don’t be concerned.

If your piggy seems to be in discomfort or you notice red, watery, cloudy, receding or ulcerated eyes then a veterinary check-up is well worth considering.

You can find more information about milky eyes and eye related problems at the Guinea Lynx Website or if you have a question or a guinea pig tip to share, check out our guinea pig care Facebook Page.

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy Guinea Pig,

Guinea Pig Care