Guinea Pig Insurance

Choosing Insurance for Your Pet Guinea Pig

If you’ve decided to have a guinea pig as a pet, you definitely should consider purchasing quality guinea pig insurance. Even though these animals usually do not have a lot of health problems and they don’t require many vaccinations, you never know what can happen to your pet.

Visits to the vet can be expensive and you want to make sure that your guinea pig gets the best possible care. With quality insurance you can make sure that the right care is affordable, whether it is routine care, care for an accident, or care for an illness. Of course, not all companies cover guinea pigs, so you need to carefully select a good insurance company. Here is a look at some important things to look for as you are choosing the right guinea pig insurance.

Make Sure Guinea Pigs are Covered

The very first thing you need to do when looking for insurance is to (obviously) make sure that guinea pigs are covered by the company. Many companies only offer coverage for dogs and cats. Sometimes you need a special plan to accommodate a guinea pig.

Make sure you get insurance specifically for your guinea pig. You also should make sure that the plan covers your guinea pig at his/her age. Some plans for guinea pigs will only cover guinea pigs that are less than five years old and sometimes they are not covered if they are younger than eight weeks old. Keep this in mind as you make your selection.

Know What the Insurance Covers

As you are choosing guinea pig insurance, make sure you know what the insurance covers. Don’t blindly choose a plan without looking into the actual coverage. It’s a good idea to look for a plan that will cover preventive care as well as care that covers accidents.

While most plans won’t cover everything, you can find plans that will cover a large portion of the vet bills if your guinea pig needs to see the vet for any reason. Keep in mind that some plans cover basic injuries, basic sickness, accidents, routine care, examinations, and more. Consider what you need from the plan and then choose accordingly.

Ensure You’re Able to Choose the Vet

You always want to make sure that your pet guinea pig is going to get the best possible care. This means you’ll want to be able to pick the vet you use. Some insurance plans only allow you to go to certain vets that are within their network. If you already have a great vet or you want to make your own decision, ensure you purchase a plan that will let you be the one to choose your vet.

While your choices may be a bit limited when you are choosing guinea pig insurance, make sure that you keep these tips in mind as you try to make a wise decision. Take time and compare prices from company to company as well. Look at the price and the coverage offered to decide on the best possible deal.

With good insurance you can make sure your adorable guinea pig gets all the care needed throughout his life.

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