Guinea Pig Games!

Guinea pig games are a fun way for you to interact with your new pet, and ensure that they know you are their friend.

Guinea pigs make ideal pets for small children (Over the age of 6-7); therefore, teaching them how to handle and play with their new pet is essential.

You will soon discover that your guinea pig loves to play and will provide you with hours of fun!

Guinea Pigs Love Company

A guinea pig is an ideal first pet for your children, and will love to be handled and played with; however, they also like to be with other guinea pigs. Therefore, if possible you should ensure that you purchase two, so they can keep each other company. With two of these adorable animals, they will be able to make their own entertainment.

Guinea Pig Games

However, some people only have enough room for one guinea pig; therefore, you need to ensure that you provide toys for them to play with when you are out of the house.  There are several items around your home, which are ideal to use for guinea pig games. You will be surprised what your little pet will find amusing to play with and enjoy.

Purchase Toys or Homemade

You can purchase toys in the pet store for your guinea pig; however, you can easily make yourself. There are several items in your home that can be recycled and used for toys and guinea pig games. If you use your imagination and try several different items, you will soon discover which ones your pet enjoys the most.

Cardboard boxes and paper are ideal to make games with, and both can be found easily with little or no expense. You can make tunnels, caves, and houses for your guinea pig, which they will run and jump through with delight. Guinea pigs love to hide and will enjoy playing with you as they run in and out of the box.

Stuffing a cardboard tube full of hay is a fantastic game for your guinea pig, and they will spend hours attempting to pull all of the hay free. You can re stuff the tube once they have completed their mission and start all again. Guinea pig games can be incredible simple; however, they are likely to keep your friend amused for hours.

Balls are an excellent toy for your guinea pig to play with, and they will push it around the cage chasing it wherever it goes. Golf balls are the ideal size as they are not too large; however, some guinea pigs will love larger balls such as tennis balls.  If you do not have a ball, you can crumple paper into a ball shape and give that to your pet to roll.

Some of your piggies may just give the ball a sniff and get bored quickly. Don’t despair if you get only a little attention, as guinea pigs can be very hard to train (Especially Tricks)

Branches and poles are fantastic to include in your guinea pigs cage, and they will play and chew on these.

These small animals love to chew and sharpen their teeth; therefore, a branch makes a better alternative than their cage.  Grass beds are also ideal for your guinea pig to play on, and you will love to watch your pet rolling on the grass.

Guinea Pig Car

Your Guinea Pig might enjoy a Photo in a Stationary Car!

(Just be careful not to move the car with the piggie in it as they are delicate little animals)

You need to ensure that you provide tunnels, things to chew on (that are not plastic or bad to digest) and some basic toys that will stimulate your guinea pig’s curiosity!

These excellent pets are incredibly intelligent, and will enjoy spending time exploring and investigating their new toys. Spending time with your guinea pig is essential, so that it can get used to you, and its new home.

The more time that you spend playing with your pet guinea pigs, the closer you will become to your pet.

Small children love the cheeky aspect of the guinea pig, and you will often find your child and their pet playing happily together.

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