Guinea Pig Care Tip – Have a Spare Makeshift Cage Handy

When it comes to housing guinea pigs we all know they need as much space as possible to ensure they get good exercise, have enough room to do their waddle struts and have ample bedding for hygienic living.

One thing new guinea pig owners overlook is a second living quarters for their guinea pigs.

This is essential to have on hand so…

  • You can bring them inside if it’s too hot / cold outside. (If they are not super comfortable inside piggies!)
  • If your guinea pig/s get sick and you need to separate them.
  • You want to keep the boys away from the girls so there are no unexpected babies.
  • If you need to transport them to the vet and they may need to stay overnight.
  • A place to go when you are changing bedding.

We use a segregation wall that I built out of pine in their main cage for longer term separation.

For short term housing (Maximum a few hours) we use the largest possible plastic tub you can buy from Bunnings with large custom windows cut in the sides covered in a wire mesh.

Just use an angle grinder with a cutting blade to cut the windows, then drill some holes around the outside of hole to attached mesh.

Ventilation is important so I thoroughly recommend using a box that has mesh on the sides. Never house your guinea pigs in an Aquarium or similar as the air does not circulate.

So guinea pig caging tips of the day is to have a second house on standby for when you may need it. As guinea pigs are very social animals, for the folks out there who only have 1 guinea pig – they would love a friend or two!

Make sure to get involved on the Guinea Pig Care Facebook Page for even more tips.

Wishing your guinea pig happy popcorning!

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