Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal

Knowing if Guinea Pigs are Nocturnal can be a Major Factor in Choosing One as a pet…

Are guinea pigs nocturnal has been asked many times before when parents are looking for the ideal pet for their child. Guinea pigs are often considered one of the best pets for small children to own; however, and obviously parents do not want an animal that sleeps all day. The fact that guinea pigs are not nocturnal is a massive benefit and often why they are chosen as an ideal small animal pets.

Advantages to owning a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are fantastic first time pet for children and are also excellent for people wanting a pet that live in a small home. There are other pets to choose, however, some of these are nocturnal, which doesn’t suit, small children. Guinea pigs are friendly, sociable animals that need attention and love being handled. This pet is also very inexpensive and can be found easily in pet stores and animal shelters.

Awake when your Child is Up and About

Once you have established are guinea pigs nocturnal, and understood that like humans they will sleep during the night they are extremely popular pets. Your guinea pig may take a little nap throughout the day, however, for a majority of the time they will be awake and ready to play. This is ideal for children that want to spend time with their pet throughout the day. Guinea pigs are very rarely aggressive and will love spending time with your child.

Spending time with your Guinea Pig

The fact that your guinea pig is awake during the day will allow you to spend as much time as possible with them. You will be able to play and handle them often, ensuring that they are used to you and your child. Guinea pigs are extremely lively creatures and love to run around, which is perfect if you have outdoor space. They can be allowed to run around inside the home, but be aware they may make small puddles.

Housing your Guinea pig

The guinea pigs are ideal as house pets and can be kept in a cage in your child’s room; however, the cage does need to be quite large. This is often why people ask are Guinea pigs nocturnal, so they can be sure that they will not be keeping everyone awake at night! The Guinea pig will happily be asleep when the household is, ensuring that they do not disturb anyone. ┬áKeeping the Guinea pig inside is an option, but some people prefer the cage to be outside. This is acceptable as long as it is warm enough during cold nights and cool enough when it gets too hot.

Learning responsibility

Guinea pigs are ideal pets for your children and will ensure that they begin to learn some form of responsibility. Although you may have bought the Guinea pig for your child, you will need to ensure that they are looking after it correctly. If you care for your guinea pig properly and ensure they remain in good health, they will live for many years – Usually from 5 to 7. Your child will be able to play with them during the day before they snuggle down in their nice, clean, warm home to sleep all night.

Guinea Pig “Norman” having a snooze, courtesy of Norman’s Nook

Guinea Pig Having a Snooze

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