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Happy Australia Day from Guinea Pig Care

Happy Australia Day from everyone at Guinea Pig Care! (Including Fluffball, Biscuit, Vegemite the Rex Rabbit and Adrian & Eileen) Here are a few

How to Make Guinea Pig Clothes

It’s fun to make clothes for your pet guinea pig. Just imagine the laughs you’ll have showing off your pets to others if they’re

Where to Get Guinea Pig Medical Help

Most of us have had a pet at some time during our lives. Part of being responsible for another living creature means that you

2 Guinea Pigs on the Grass in the Morning Sun

“Oh Good Morning Australia… maybe let me do my hair before ripping me out of the Pigloo for photos in the future? mmmkay? wat

How to Clean Guinea Pig Sweat Glands

Guinea pigs are excellent pets to own, and can help small children become responsible for their very first animal. However, you need to ensure

Your Guinea Pig’s Pregnancy: The Stages of Pregnancy

Before we talk about the stages of your guinea pig’s pregnancy, let’s make certain that your guinea pig is already pregnant. If she is,

Keeping your guinea pigs cage indoors

Indoor guinea pig cage choices are incredibly varied, and you will find that you can spend a huge amount of time and money choosing

Why you should have a guinea pig as a pet

Guinea pigs are ideal pets for young children, older generations and people who have very little outdoor space. These excellent small pets are incredibly

10 Great Tips for Taming Your Guinea Pigs

Check out these 10 great tips from SkinnyPigs1 on Youtube. She present these tips with obvious experience and I’d recommend watching to learn more

Guinea Pigs as Pets and why you should own two!

Guinea pigs as pets are a fantastic idea and they will suit a vast number of different households and surroundings. Many people love the