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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Banana?

Can guinea pigs eat banana? The simple answer is yes. Banana is rich in Potassium and is great as a treat every few days

Fluffball the Guinea Pig Made BFFF Today!

Awww, what’s that a Cute Teddy Bear and very Fluffy Long Haired Piggy called Fluffball. Fluffball made BFFF today 😉 GuineaPigCare.com.au

Fluffball Chin Scratch

Hay… yeeaaaah that’s it… scratchy right there! GuineaPigCare.com.au

Andy Warhol Inspired Fluffball Art

Andy Warhol Inspired Fluffball Photoshop Art GuineaPigCare.com.au

Fluffball Hides in His New Pigloo

“Hay, You know that I know that you can’t see me. Ahhh brrr brrrr brrrrr whatwat.” Fluffball attempts to hide in his new mega

2 Guinea Pigs on the Grass in the Morning Sun

“Oh Good Morning Australia… maybe let me do my hair before ripping me out of the Pigloo for photos in the future? mmmkay? wat

Fluffball the Guinea Pig Ponders

Fluffball the Guinea Pig ponders about life with his Mega Piggeh Lippys! GuineaPigCare.com.au