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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Banana?

Can guinea pigs eat banana? The simple answer is yes. Banana is rich in Potassium and is great as a treat every few days

12 Cute Guinea Pig Pictures of Biscuit

Below are 12 cute guinea pictures of Biscuit in 2013. Enjoy! And make sure to get daily guinea pig care tips on our facebook

Guinea Pig Arty Pigture

Some photoshop guinea pig Biscuit art… Was bored :D Here’s what I did… Turned up the Saturation Added some brush effects A little more

Biscuit Snuggles up to Warm Jumper

Biscuit the Guinea Pig Snuggles

Biscuit Snuggles

So Snuggly! Biscuit snuggles a warm jumper.

Biscuit the Guinea Pig Scratches the Back

Biscuit the Guinea Pig Scratches the Back – just like a dog ;)

Hay Mister! Got Any Food?

Hay Mister! Got any food?

2 Guinea Pigs on the Grass in the Morning Sun

“Oh Good Morning Australia… maybe let me do my hair before ripping me out of the Pigloo for photos in the future? mmmkay? wat

Biscuit the Guinea Pig Eating Some Hay

Biscuit the guinea pig eating some hay. Hay is an essential food for your guinea pig and should be made available 24/7.

Biscuits Birthday – Born 2nd June 2011

The 2nd of June is a very important day of the year! It’s Biscuit’s birthday. Born in 2011, Biscuit has grown onto a strong,