Guinea Pig Clothing

When Xmas, St Patricks Day or Easter comes around – why not celebrate it with your pet guinea pig by going clothes shopping.

You better believe it, you can buy costumes for your Pet Guinea Pig for almost any occasion.

Does he like Spiderman? There is a Spiderman costume available! Does one of your female cavies intend on getting married? Well she needs a wedding dress!

Along with buying costumes online, you can make your own guinea pig clothing, but it really should be worn as a novelty for an hour or two as guinea pigs already wear a fur suit.

Make it light, non constricting, comfortable fitting and non edible – These are starting tips for making your own guinea pig clothing.

For rather entertaining photos of Guinea Pigs dressed up in costume – and to source nearly any style of clothing for your guinea pig,

Check out Cuddly Cavies Here.

Now if you are “Anti Guinea Pig Clothing” check out this post about How to Make Guinea Pig Clothing and our views on if it’s right or not 😉

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