10 Great Tips for Taming Your Guinea Pigs

Check out these 10 great tips from SkinnyPigs1 on Youtube. She present these tips with obvious experience and I’d recommend watching to learn more about your guinea pig’s behavior.

Here is a summary of the tips she presents.

Tip 10. A larger cage will help your guinea pigs feel more secure and keeping your guinea pigs in pairs or more is great for their confidence.

Tip 9. Talk to your guinea pigs so they can used to your voice.

Tip 8. Let them get used to your scent.

Tip 7. Make a sound when it’s treat time – Sounds of association when feeding helps your piggies feel comfortable.

Tip 6. Pick up your guinea pig daily and hold them safe.

Tip 5. Food is a trust barrier breaker!

Tip 4. Make sure your guinea pig is comfortable in your lap or when holding them

Tip 3. Sit with your piggies during run around time. This helps with the bonding process.

Tip 2. Give them places to Hide! It’s part of their natural instinct to hide when there is danger!

Tip 1. Respect your animals wishes. Every pig is different so pickup the vibe of their personalities.

I hope you enjoyed these taming tips and learned something to help with your guinea pigs behavior. Just remember it will take time and perseverance!

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Wishing you a happy pet guinea pig!


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