Why a Large Rabbit Cage is Better

Large rabbit cage designs may seem daunting, however, the large home you can supply for your rabbit the happier they will be. Rabbits are fantastic pets to own, and suit small children as they are incredibly friendly and love to be around people. However, you will need to consider the essential elements that all rabbits need to thrive.

Wire Rabbit CageWhen you own any animal, you will want to ensure that they are happy and healthy at all times, and where they live will often affect how your pet feels. The larger the home that you can supply for your rabbit will ensure that they are able to run around and explore. Rabbits are incredibly inquisitive, and love to explore their surroundings.

The general rule when purchasing a cage for your rabbit is to ensure that the area is four times larger than your rabbit. There needs to be places within the large rabbit cage for food and water bowls, alongside a sleeping area and somewhere to play. Rabbits can grow quite large; therefore, you need to ensure that you plan ahead with the size of the cage.

Smaller cages are incredibly restricting for rabbits, and will not allow them to hop around and play as they would do naturally. If your rabbit cannot move freely, they will become stiff, and there can be muscle damage over time.  Rabbits can become incredibly unhappy, and if you have a smaller cage this is very likely to happen.

Using a large rabbit cage will ensure that your pets home is hygienic, and there will be more room for waste. Smaller spaces will need cleaning out more often, and waste can build up far too quickly. Planning the design of your rabbit home is essential, and will guarantee that your rabbit has everything it needs.

Within the rabbit cage, there will need to be an area where the rabbit feels safe and secure away from everyone. Rabbits do scare easily, and they need a place to retreat to when they feel threatened. With a larger rabbit cage, you can have several different areas, ensuring that your rabbit has everything they need. With the large rabbit cage, you can place every item in a designated area, and it will not feel cramped.

Rabbits can become sickly when they are unhappy, and placing your rabbit in a small cage will often cause them to become ill. Therefore, purchasing a larger cage will guarantee that your rabbit remains in perfect health, and is incredibly happy. You will find that the care of your rabbit will not be as stressful, and you will be able to enjoy your pet.

If you have room for an incredibly large rabbit cage, this is always the better option to have, and will ensure that your rabbit is cared for correctly. You must not own a pet unless you are prepared to offer it everything that it needs to remain healthy and happy. Once your new rabbit is in their large cage, you will begin to enjoy how funny and unique they are to own as pets.


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