Rabbit Cysts and Lumps

There are many things that cause the deaths of rabbits, including myxomatosis, celesies virus, insect bites, allergies and cancer.

Lumps and Cysts are another cause which can easily be overlooked and hopefully you won’t have to deal with this type of problem in the life of your rabbit.

So how do you know if your pet rabbit has a cancerous lump or cyst? Well, the main signs are a large ball that when you squeeze, you can feel pussy, soft liquid in it or it rolls around.

Once the rabbit has a cyst, things usually go in this order of events…

* The cyst surface area loses fur and becomes bald.
* The cyst increases in size and a hard, black coating starts to form around the outside of it.
* The rabbit starts to lose its appetite and loses weight. It will now only accept soft foods such as Banana and watermelon.
* The rabbit may be frequently thirsty.

It’s important that you take your rabbit to the vet even at any stage of finding a lump (Anything larger than the size of a large pea is a concern and should be watched carefully for growth).

You can also visit one of the most popular online rabbit health care resources, medirabbit for more information.


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